Our corporate name completely reflects the ethos and drive of this business - to design, deploy and maintain the best planned and most effective systems of Corrosion Mitigation and Control. Please feel free to browse this site, in it you'll find lots of information and resources to support you in the management of Corrosion on your facility.
RISCm™ is completely integrated, linking Corrosion, Fabric Maintenance and Objective-Evidence-of-Integrity into one homogeneous toolset. In RISCm there is no divide between how we assess our plant integrity and the most cost effective way to undertake corrosion mitigation and fabric repairs. Nothing falls through the cracks because there are none!

Welcome to 'Strategic Corrosion Management'

Asset Integrity, Corrosion & Fabric Maintenance Consultancy, Inspection and Management Services

Our role: to support you in Identifying, Minimising, Controlling and Mitigating Corrosion in your plant facilities and to develop 'Objective Evidence of Total Corrosion-Management Control'.

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  • Understanding Corrosion

    Understanding corrosion is the first step to determining the risk it poses in your plant. Almost all substrates exposed to the environment or other substances are at risk of corrosion. SCM can help you answer these difficult questions:

    • Why is my plant at risk?
    • What are my risks?
    • Determining corrosion exposure risks
    • What are ‘Corrosivity Zones’?
    • Determining ‘CUI’?
    • Where is it?
    • How bad is it?
    • What are my options?
  • Corrosion Solutions

    There are a number of stages involved in solving external / internal corrosion, each must ‘dovetail’ to result in a homogeneous engineering solution. This is not always easy. With SCM you can develop sound and transparent corrosion solutions. Consider:

    • Assessment – do I have corrosion risks?
    • Strategy - Dealing with it long term
    • Control methods and mechanisms
    • Prioritisation of risk and maintenance
    • ‘Objective Evidence’ – do I have control of external / internal corrosion?

  • Control Technologies

    There are many forms of corrosion control, some are basic and work at the prevention level, such as protective coatings, some more sophisticated that predict and plan to mitigate risks. Discuss with SCM how these can be applied in your plant.

    • Corrosion prevention coatings
    • Cathodic protection
    • Inspection assessment
    • Fabric maintenance management
    • ‘Risk, Integrity & Strategic CorrosionManagement’
    • Plant design / materials selection
    • Chemical treatment

Our Products


The first ‘truly’ integrated Component, Corrosion and Fabric management system



SafeMark™ is a unique method of identifying pipes and their contents.


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