Join with Strategic Corrosion Management and develop your business fast...

In SCM we are continuously expanding our relationships with other Consultants, Inspection and Product / Service delivery business. By partnering with SCM you have the opportunity to be part of the expanding market for the 'Total Corrosion Management' systems the Oil, Gas and Utilities industry demands,

SCM offers business partners fast growth, profitability and the recognition and credibility that is attached to our proven 'Corrosion Services Skills'.

We are looking for the following types of partnering basis:

If you have other products or services you already sell into these industries it makes great sense to make your clients aware of the SCM skills and services too. You won't need to get involved in a sales process for us, or even make any further efforts, but you'll gain both in terms of revenue (from commissions) and credibility with your clients when they realise you have a good understanding of the market place and can connect them to the world class services they need.
If you are looking to expand the range of products or services you can deliver to current Clients the Agent partner level is for you. With this partnering agreement you'll be able to sell the full 'proven' range of SCM Products and Services at really advantageous commission levels. We'll help you break new markets too, and link you into our growing network of providers so you can take advantage of their marketing areas and client base for your current products and services.
You'll already be delivering skills, products or services into our market place. Perhaps as a Consultant or an Inspector, or a Contractor incumbent on a particular Client site or project. You'd like to support your client in developing / installing Corrosion tools and skill-sets, and possibly managing the current and future works yourself - in-house. As a SCM Partner everything we do on your behalf comes through you, essentially you build the services profile you'd like your client to enjoy and we supply it to fit your criteria. With this approach not only do you get the excellent skill set that SCM can offer but you also get to link your services with the 30+ year reputation of successful Corrosion and Fabric Management SCM have built.

We won't expect you to have any sales or marketing experience or specific skills, and we will help you get up-to-speed rapidly on the current best / advanced techniques in the Corrosion market place. Some of the skills we offer to SCM Partners are not available anywhere else in the world!

We often work with business and organisations who are delivering complimentary services to our own. These services are non-competing but when aligned to those from SCM can offer the SCM Business Partner or the Client (or both!) a synergistic effect. The sum of the delivery is greater than the two services on their own - either from an effectiveness point of view for the client or from a revenue vantage for the Partner. Many businesses fit this category, and it's become a great pleasure for us to pass business back and forward from SCM to the Partner where that Partner can most effectively deliver a given service.

SCM Business Partnership could be thought of as a 'request' clearing house. When business is received by SCM that the Partner could best deliver that work is passed on at very little cost, and the same happens in return. The risks of this type of partnership are zero, yet the potential rewards are great. Currently we have a number of SCM Business Partnerships, and these form a kind of network - where the larger the network the greater the likelihood of each Partner increasing his business level.

Consultancy Houses, Inspection Companies, Maintenance Contractors can all participate in the SCM Business Partnership.

This is the deepest business relationship we can possibly achieve. A SCM Strategic partner 'is essentially' SCM in his or her particular geographic area. All of the tools, techniques, heritage, advice channels, equipment, software and sales and marketing are available to the partnership through-out its lifetime!

The SCM business model is well proven and it allows this level of partner to immediately begin offering services, products and trainings etc to their client base - covering the entire Corrosion management sphere - check out our web pages on this site for more info on those.

The Strategic Partner - though they would typically have current industry contacts and ongoing business - can be up and running and recruiting their own Introducers, Agents and Partners within weeks.

It's possible for Partners to be earning revenue within a month!


If you are located in any of the following areas we'd like to hear from you:


Benelux, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Poland

Middle and Far East

All Locations


USA: Texas, Louisiana, Boston, California
South America: All Locations


You should already be selling products or services related to corrosion, corrosion protection or allied aspects, into these industries, and have some business relationship you feel you can capitalise on. We'll help you do the rest, including skills training and product knowledge, and this will probably be the first business opportunity you've ever had where you don't have to ask 'Yeah, and what's it going to cost me?'. As a partner we' want to see you profitable and that's the first and only priority from the outset!

All of the levels of partnership with SCM are negotiable, in every case we endeavour to build a deep and strong relationship that endures and work with you to build a robust business that lasts. The starting point for each partnering level is indicated in the table below.

Remember, SCM are NOT a 'one size fits all' business. Partnerships can be very flexible and we will always try to fit your situation and market place. To get the ball rolling you need to make the decision to talk with us. We are pretty experienced in all aspects of this industry so you'll find us approachable and knowledgeable about most business situations - and our watchword is 'confidentiality'. Whatever you say to us goes no further, as soon as confidential information is required both parties will be obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement, binding us to secrecy in all aspects of our dealings.

To request information or discuss the SCM Partnering programme please call the info line at SCM HQ (44 1670 736662), they can help further.