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programme can be configured to encompass cost control, budget planning, specifications and bills of quantities. The system also records and manipulates data on coating condition, insulation, cladding, vessel linings and all other pertinent information relating to plant fabric management.

In all instances clients can be assured of our:

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    we are a completely independent company with no commercial ties to material or equipment manufacturers, or applicators. This ensures clients receive an impartial and completely objective service across all disciplines.

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    many of our project personnel are experienced in the formulation and manufacturing aspects of coatings and corrosion protection materials, all are fully conversant with the current trends in corrosion management and integrity control

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    our staff are constantly updated on the latest technological developments and practical application procedures. To assist with more specialised corrosion subjects SCM retains the services of highly qualified corrosion consultants who operate for major offshore and onshore clients around the world. SCM also has at its disposal Research & Development facilities.

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    Between 1985 and 1993, building on the extensive experience we gained on hundreds of external corrosion condition surveys, we developed TCI PROJECT PAINT computer software, which until 2008 formed the basis of our External Corrosion Management System. On completion of a detailed site survey the engineer responsible for the coating projects had, at his fingertips, a sophisticated and powerful tool that could sort, analyse and list priorities for corrosion control on all types of plant. Whilst TCI Project Paint is still in use today with several Clients, it has now been surpassed by our RISCm integrated management system (Risk, Integrity & Strategic Corrosion Management).

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    programme can be configured to encompass cost control, budget planning, specifications and bills of quantities. The system also records and manipulates data on coating condition, insulation, cladding, vessel linings and all other pertinent information relating to plant fabric management.

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  • RISCm

    This is the latest generation of Corrosion Management tools, specifically designed to bring Corrosion Management, Plant Integrity Control and Fabric Maintenance into one homogeneous package. RISCm is a direct evolution of the well known TCI Project Paint software system, but for the first time all plant disciplines can make effective use of the tools to enhance and reduce the costs of Corrosion Management, Integrity Control and the planning and costing of Fabric Maintenance works-copes. RISCm is made up of the following modules:

    • Component Manager

    • Corrosion Manager

    • Fabric Manager

    • Threat Manager

    • CUI Manager

    The application of the SCM concepts and systems have been proven to reduce plant Fabric Maintenance costs by between 5% and 85% over plant life, and now with the addition of the technical modules in RISCm these savings can also be realised by other Corrosion Disciplines too.

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    Strategic Corrosion Management has designed and presented training courses for clients across many diverse industries. Delegates on the courses have included field operatives, qualified engineers, technical staff, project managers and senior company representatives. 

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    in addition to SCM’s traditional activities in external corrosion management, inspection and related disciplines, the company offers a broad raft of associated services.

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    SCM provides supervisory staff and experienced hands-on individual inspection engineers and technicians who act in a monitoring role over contractor’s personnel.

    This service embraces:

    • Fabric Maintenance

    • Coatings - New Build

    • Insulation Maintenance

    • Corrosion Mitigation

    • Corrosion Surveying

    • The Effectiveness Audit - A Gap Analysis for Corrosion Management

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    SCM supplies engineers from appropriate disciplines to oversee manufacturing and fabrication work and to pre-commission finished product or witness specific testing to client’s requirements.

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    SCM and Lithgow Associates have extensive experience of corrosion control and prevention in marine environments. Our staff have supervised and inspected numerous marine coating projects and we have an in-depth experience and technical capability to provide a totally integrated corrosion management service to the marine industry. We have operated on a wide variety of vessels tankers, bulk ships, product carriers, general cargo, container vessels, offshore support vessels, harbour jetties and shore installations, on single point moorings and on fixed and mobile offshore oil and gas facilities. SCM plans and manages the surface preparation and application of a wide range of modern anti-fouling and marine coatings.

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    SCM designed and developed the SafeMark pipe identification system to meet the statutory requirements of EEC and UK Health & Safety legislation and the operational and technical demands of onshore and offshore plant operators. We manufacture SafeMark products in-house at Lowestoft and supply them to all sectors of industry. SafeMark custom designed markers are manufactured from a specialised blend of high grade UPVC which is pre-formed to simply snap around the pipe. All statutory symbols and text are reverse printed on the inside of the marker to protect the sign from impact and abrasion damage. We can also print bar codes and company specific data as required. The robust UPVC base has a high tolerance to UV light which ensures SafeMark markers remain clear and fade-free for many years.

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    to combat the hazards of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) we designed and developed the IIP system so that engineers could quickly inspect lagged and insulated pipelines, vessels and other critical facilities. The IIP consists of a strong port eyelet and ‘O’ ring seal which is permanently fitted into the insulation cladding. A Durometer silicone rubber plug clips into the eyelet and provides rapid and easy access while providing a totally weatherproof seal. In a well-planned plant maintenance programme the SCM Insulation Inspection Plug will reduce inspection time and cut your operating costs.

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