The first ‘truly’ integrated Component, Corrosion and Fabric management system ‘RISCm™’ is the ‘next generation’ set of tools to support Engineers in the minimisation of Plant Corrosion. The system comes as a direct evolution of the widely deployed ‘TCI Project Paint’, first installed in 1987. RISCm™ is completely integrated, linking Component Management, Corrosion, Fabric Maintenance and Objective-Evidence-of-Integrity into one homogeneous tool-set. In RISCm there is no divide between how we assess our plant integrity and the most cost effective way to undertake corrosion mitigation and fabric repairs. Nothing falls through the cracks because there are none!

RISCm™ delivers the ability to:

• Accurately define plant corrosion condition

• Manage plant integrity

• Plan and control the inspection and maintenance works cost-effectively

• Select the right people, techniques and materials for maintenance

• Maintain corrosion management traceability

• Implement, control and monitor the Corrosion Management Strategy

• Manage the Integrity/Cost model for targeted plant life

Demonstrate Objective Evidence of Corrosion, Inspection and Maintenance Control