This is the latest generation of Corrosion Management tools, specifically designed to bring Corrosion Management, Plant Integrity Control and Fabric Maintenance into one homogeneous package. RISCm is a direct evolution of the well known TCI Project Paint software system, but for the first time all plant disciplines can make effective use of the tools to enhance and reduce the costs of Corrosion Management, Integrity Control and the planning and costing of Fabric Maintenance works-copes. RISCm is made up of the following modules:

• Component Manager

• Corrosion Manager

• Fabric Manager

• Threat Manager

• CUI Manager

The application of the SCM concepts and systems have been proven to reduce plant Fabric Maintenance costs by between 5% and 85% over plant life, and now with the addition of the technical modules in RISCm these savings can also be realised by other Corrosion Disciplines too.