Corrosion Control & Management

Course Name
Corrosion Control & Management
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2 Classroom
General Description
Aimed at Engineers and those responsible for specifying materials and techniques to be applied on a Corrosion Control Programme. This training considers External Corrosion as it relates to aged Plant. It is designed to help those Engineers with little experience in the recognition, effects or development of external corrosion, and how this process can effect the plant operation, future life expectancy and economical maintenance planning.
Key Points
  • Understanding of the overall effects of External Corrosion on plant life expectancy
  • Determine the likely costs to a plant of failure to undertake timely corrosion prevention maintenance
  • Understanding of the modes of corrosion failure on aged plant
  • Understanding of the forms of external corrosion prevention and suppression available
  • A useable, comprehensive, check-list for Engineering a corrosion prevention programme
  • A useable, comprehensive, evaluation check-list for 'Potential Threats' to plant from External Corrosion
Certifications Available
Certificate of Completion
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Target Audience
Plant Engineers & Management