The helpline staff provide a fast technical response to questions relating to corrosion including:

  • Solutions to corrosion problems that have already occurred
  • Advice on how to prevent and control corrosion
  • Guidance on sources of information
  • Provision of good practice guides

Advice can also be provided on a consultancy basis when appropriate.

"Corrosion Helpline"

Advisory Help Line Worldwide:+44 (0)1670 736662

 This is a Free Help Line Service

Worldwide SCM Funded

Wherever you are, whatever your industry and no matter your corrosion challenge, the Corrosion Helpline is your immediate support arm - try it. 

What is The Corrosion Helpline

Telephone or email contact can provide you with immediate advice and support on many corrosion challenges - though some solutions will take time and further information in order to generate a sound and correct response.

Worldwide +44 (0)1670 736662 


Eligable Customers

UK and overseas Clients can take advantage of our Worldwide Free service. Examples of our users include:

  • Design engineers
  • Architects
  • Production engineers
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Fabric managers
  • Corrosion engineers
  • Teachers & Students
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Materials manufacturers
  • Equipment manufacturers