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Forums, blogs and tickets - oh my!

Postby Nathan » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:56 pm

With the continued expansion of SCM comes a whole bunch of new features! We've been working hard to bring you an easier, organised and structured system to compliment the services we provide. One of those features is indeed this forum! Although it's intended primarily for clients, we welcome anyone to join our community and take part in events. If you don't use any of our services currently but you're considering it, this is the perfect place to see all of the latest updates and happenings.

As well as a forum, RISCm (our software package) has undergone strict testing and improvement processes of late. Every day our developers are working hard to make sure it's as perfect as can be. To compliment this, we've developed a user friendly bug reporting system! It's a simple web form which has been designed to be familiar for RISCm users. Just fill in your email address, a title for your report and some details - then hit Submit! The ticket gets sent directly into our systems and enters a bug tracking service on our servers. Tickets then get streamed directly to our developers as they are working, so within 5 minutes your ticket has been seen and noted. This lets us keep track of everything very easily, and gives you the opportunity to quickly tell us about anything you find!

We're also publishing updates, news, articles and more via our new RISCm blog, You can create an account and comment on anything we put up there, too! We're working to build a community behind the service, so your input is the most important thing.
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