Survey Technical Instruction: SCFM & Extent Assessment

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Survey Technical Instruction: SCFM & Extent Assessment

Postby IRJC » Tue May 13, 2014 8:33 am

During recent training's with new personnel we have noticed a degree of confusion on the methods to be used to determine how a component should be reported in terms of the SCFM and Extent of Breakdown conditions. Most notably confusion over the sizes of areas that could be combined in order to create a single Fabric Record.

This has resulted in some components being recorded on a single report where the conditions of 'patches' of the substrate have been significantly different.

An example might be a vessel shell where we have 5% of the substrate showing an SCFM 9 condition and 30% an SCFM 3; where a single Fabric Record has been generated and the entire surface described as SCFM 9 35%. This obviously reduces recording of substrates to their worst condition visible, and prevents planned maintenance and Risk Management as designed within RISCm. The opportunity to define where cost effective corrosion mitigation might then be applied is lost in this example.

Surveyors should remember that in some instances corrosion mitigation might be the application of a 'holding' technology just to 'halt' corrosion for a short period of time, in order to plan a full maintenance at some future point. Unless we can identify such 'spots' of corrosion the corrosion mitigation process is made extremely difficult

To counter this confusion and hopefully offer a sensible approach we have developed the attached TI (Technical Instruction) SCFM & Extent of Breakdown Assessment SCM/TI/015. The TI offers instruction on how best to determine the groupings of SCFM's reasonable and therefore suggests the number of records that might be useful to generate

This TI is in draft at the moment and we would like to issue it for application during the week of the 20th May.

Please leave your comments here and we will address them where appropriate.
TI - SCFM and Extent Assessment.pdf
TI SCM/TI/015 Draft
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