Chemical Processing & Manufacturing

Strategic Corrosion Management supports companies in the chemicals industry, helping to cut maintenance costs, improve integrity and reduce operational safety risks.

Our products and services can be applied to small chemical plants and laboratories, or large scale sites which come under the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations, where there is an emphasis on safeguarding people and the environment from the risks associated with dangerous substances. Demonstration of regulatory compliance is exceptionally important in these facilities.

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Directors & Site / Facilities Management

Strategic Corrosion Management has more than 30 years of global industry experience, with recognized household names in the Petrochemical sector, helping clients increase asset life expectancy, reduce costs, minimize downtime and reduce risk.

With tools & technologies suitable for any stage of an asset's lifespan, from new build to maturity,  SCM can deliver the ability for you to demonstrate objective evidence of integrity and corrosion control to regulatory authorities such as COMAH and HSE, supporting you in the compliance process and providing valuable reassurance.



Senior Engineers / Asset Integrity Managers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help you improve asset and plant integrity, achieve your facility’s life prolonged expectancy, minimize production downtime, reduce costs and minimize risk. 

360integrity combines proven consultancy experience and pioneering RISCm software to offer a complete integrity management solution that delivers the ability to; Accurately define plant corrosion condition, manage plant integrity, plan and control inspection & maintenance cost-effectively, select the right tools & techniques, maintain corrosion management traceability, manage the integrity/cost model for targeted plant life.



Engineering & Maintenance Personnel

Strategic Corrosion Management will help you improve asset and plant integrity, increase asset/plant lifespan, increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risk.

360integrity delivers the ability to quickly identify and prioritize your maintenance activities, using RISCm software, will give you confidence in complying with industry regulations and ensuring on-site safety.   

Strategic Corrosion Management closely supports you in the use of its products and ensures that software is used in the most effective way.


Health & Safety Officers & HSE Advisors

All of Strategic Corrosion Management’s products & services promote enhanced safety and reduced risk on all sites including those regulated by COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards).  

Corrosion and Integrity compliance falls within these regulations and often many of these sites i.e. distilleries are extremely mature and therefore often experience failures attributable to corrosion. 

By implementing an effective strategy SCM can prevent these failures, reducing risk, enhancing safety and maintaining production levels.