Food & Drinks Processing

In the food and drink industry a variety of processes are deployed, not only in the production of food & drink, but also when sanitising equipment. Corrosion can contribute to contamination and impact on operational capabilities. We have specialist knowledge to assist companies including food manufacturers and distilleries in identifying, addressing and managing corrosion risks and minimising costs

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Directors & Facility Managers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help your business increase facility lifespan, reduce costs, increase productivity and minimise risk. 

SCM’s proven consultancy experience can help to deliver objective evidence of control to regulatory authorities such as COMAH and HSE,  which supports you in the compliance process and provides valuable reassurance. 
The SCM Effectiveness Audit  is a Gap Analysis tool that benchmarks your facility against best practice, helping you save money in the short and long term.


Senior Engineers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help you improve asset and plant integrity, increase its lifespan, reduce productivity losses, reduce costs and minimise risk. 

SCM can help to implement an effective maintenance strategy, significantly reducing the risk of corrosion and plant failures becoming a critical problem for your  production process and the facility overall facility.


Maintenance & Inspection Engineers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help you to understand where failures on process pipe work and equipment are attributable to corrosion, poor design, missed or incorrect maintenance. 

SCM’s proven consultancy experience can help to implement a strategy to control & mitigate corrosion, by identifying and prioritising your maintenance activities. You will gain confidence in your compliance with industry regulations and ensure on-site safety.   

Strategic Corrosion Management closely supports you in the application of its services and products, and ensures that all tools and technologies are used in the most effective way. 


Health & Safety Officers

All of Strategic Corrosion Management’s products & services promote enhanced safety and reduced risk on sites which are regulated by COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards).  

Corrosion and Integrity compliance falls within these regulations and often many of these sites i.e. distilleries, are extremely mature and therefore often experience failures attributable to old design, poor maintenance or misapplied maintenance specifications. 

By implementing an effective strategy SCM can prevent these failures, reducing risk, enhancing safety and maintaining production levels.