Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies operate primarily n sanitised and controlled sterile environments – corrosion can lead to the contamination of equipment and products, as well as the disruption of operational capacity.

Strategic Corrosion Management can support companies in these sectors to minimise the risks associated with corrosion, providing operators with valuable piece of mind and the ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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Directors & Facility / Site Managers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help your business increase facility lifespan, reduce costs, increase productivity and minimise risk.

SCM’s proven consultancy experience can help to deliver objective evidence of control to regulatory authorities such as COMAH and HSE,  which supports you in the compliance process and provides valuable reassurance.

The SCM Effectiveness Audit  is a Gap Analysis tool that benchmarks your facility against best practice, helping you save money in the long term.


Senior Engineering Personnel

The ability to predict and create a ‘look-ahead’ of plant condition, now, 3 years or 5 years into the future is critical for planning and defining the most cost effective methods of plant development and maintenance

RISCm, with the ability to undertake comprehensive ‘what-if’ analysis offers a discrete toolset to help you model the future of your plant, identify the most effective and cost beneficial models for maintenance and more importantly, where some attention now may reduce costs and productivity losses in the future

Discovering, how and where corrosion may result in an integrity issue might be the most powerful information you could gain about your plant.


Maintenance / Inspection Engineers

Inspection Engineers are often the key to a facility staying on-line or losing production.

SCM’s RISCm toolset offers a series of workflows that help you stay on top of challenges before they become issues. The ability to visualise where and what is happening on your facility from a corrosion and integrity viewpoint is incredibly valuable. 

Add to that the tools that allow you to easily see substrates on your plant where issues might occur, where there are threats that have not been disproven, or even where the confidence about the known condition of a given item of plant is low will multiply your ability to manage the inspection regime much more efficiently.


Health & Safety Officers

All of Strategic Corrosion Management’s products & services promote enhanced safety and reduced risk on sites which are regulated by COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards).

Corrosion and Integrity compliance falls within these regulations and often many of these sites i.e. distilleries are extremely mature and therefore often experience failures attributable to corrosion. By implementing an effective strategy SCM can prevent these failures, reducing risk, enhancing safety and maintaining production levels.

SafeMark Pipe content/flow/maintenance markers identify pipe lines in accordance with all current legislation