Transport Infrastructure

Corrosion within the transport industry can not only have a financial impact due to reassigning logistics and route closures but it can also lead to more serious critical structural failures.

Bridges, road, rail, port and airport infrastructure, as well as oil, gas, water and electricity, transport and transmission infrastructure, can all be subjected to adverse and extreme weather and atmospheric conditions as well as wear and tear, which contributes to integrity issues and corrosion. Strategic Corrosion Management can work with operators to address the problems caused by corrosion and provide cost effective, short and long term integrity and maintenance solutions.

Case Study

Directors and Asset Managers 

Strategic Corrosion Management can support transport infrastructure owners and operators to minimize maintenance costs, improve integrity, minimize productivity losses and reduce operational and safety risks.

Strategic Corrosion Management will help your business meet planned asset life expectancy ensuring the most cost effective maintenance model for that period, working with your company at any stage, from new build to maturity.


Senior Engineers

Strategic Corrosion Management will help you improve asset and plant integrity, achieve asset life expectancy, whilst maintaining productivity, reducing costs and minimising risk.

360integrity combines proven consultancy experience and pioneering RISCm software to offer a complete integrity management solution that delivers the ability to; Accurately define plant corrosion condition, manage plant integrity, plan and control inspection & maintenance cost-effectively, select the right tools & techniques, maintain corrosion management traceability, manage the integrity/cost model for targeted plant life.

An accurate understanding of maintenance deferments, changed specifications and rates of corrosion degradation are all available within the RISCm software.

Inspection Engineers

RISCm offers Inspection personnel, for the first time, the ability to model possible threats to their plant from integrity issues and corrosion challenges. Inspections become more accurate, timely and at a lower cost.

The ability to link Integrity anomaly tracking and inspections to planned maintenance and corrosion condition increases the effectiveness of inspections sometime 5 fold.
SCM can provide the strategy, skills and professionalism to make your inspection regimen the most effective possible.

Health & Safety Officers

All of Strategic Corrosion Management’s products & services promote enhanced safety and reduced risk on sites which are regulated by COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards).

Corrosion and Integrity compliance falls within these regulations and often many of these sites i.e. distilleries are extremely mature and therefore often experience failures attributable to old design, incorrectly specified maintenance and general corrosion

By implementing an effective strategy SCM can prevent these failures, reducing risk, enhancing safety and maintaining production levels.