New Head Office for SCM.

SCM have a new home

in Enterprise Court, Northumberland.

After a short spell in our Blyth office and training facility we have now completed the move to a new business centre at Enterprise Court in Cramlington, Northumberland.

The Blyth facility was created simply to cater for a short term Client demand for more specifically trained personnel, however over just 6 months business trebbled to the point where significant new space was required for both project personnel and training. Hence the move to Enterprise Court.

Ian Cordingley MD, said " We were reluctant to move again so quickly but we are always Client led, and this new complex will stand us well for the next 3 years at least, and where necessary we have the option of expansion here".

In addition to the new facility SCM have re-structured the business operation and the Enterprise location will now become the corporate head-office for SCM and the TCI Group. This allows us the opportunity to build more firm relationships with our suppliers in the North East as well as in Aberdeen.The branch offices in Lowestoft and Gwent will operate as usual with the significant portion of product design, development and manufacture continuing to be located in Lowestoft.

The Enterprise office is very well specified for our purposes with significant space for all of our daya to day operations and room for our project perssonnel - in fact we could probably grow 200% and still be comfortable here.

The trainings space is well appointed and allows us to be flexible in the trainings we can offer now - in addition to our own in-house training and skills development.

Our membership of several offhore and energy focused business development groups has also created quite a loud buzz around what we do, with the NOF Energy group being one of the biggest supporters of our expertise in the Oil & Gas Sector.