RISCm Forums Activated

Here at SCM we've been working hard to improve all of the services we provide to our clients, but we had one vital ingredient missing. Client input on a manageable scale. We threw around a large number of ideas before eventually coming up with the idea to introduce a forum. The foundation of this system is to allow our clients and the community to interact with each other within the SCM / RISCm circle; including discussing your own ideas for our software and other services. That's right, you now have the facilities to help shape the future of SCM!

It's not only about a community, though. We've included areas in the forum which contain Guides & How-to's, somewhere for you to voice your requests for features, a history and future of RISCm version updates and so much more. You can request technical support, find answers to questions or even just start a thread about an experience. We want to include you in our future, so please feel free to go and create your account.

The forums are moderated by our own in-house staff on a daily basis, and there are a few simple guidelines and rules to follow. These can be found in this post. One to take note of is:

NOTE: Unless a forum is specific to your organisation, all RISCm clients will have access to that forum. Please ensure you do not publicize any confidential information about your organisation. Posts containing confidential content may be removed by an administrator. All posts are the complete ownership and responsibility of the author; Strategic Corrosion Management accepts no responsibility for user content.

If you do post any sensitive information it will be removed. This is for our client's own protection. Please bare this in mind before posting anything.

What are you waiting for? It's time to get involved in shaping RISCm. We look forward to seeing you!