TCI are now SCM...

As TCI Services and TCI Worldwide we have enjoyed great support from our Clients and Customers. It recently became very apparent that most people we work with on a dialy baiss did not usnderstand what TCI stoood for or the kinds of products and services we supply into industry. So, we decided we should select a corporate identity that says exactly what we do and begin to use that for the furture development of our business.

TCI is now Strategic Corrosion Management Ltd. or SCM for ease of use. You can find more information about the change over to SCM elsewhere in our documentation but be assured we are still delivering the great services and products we always have, just we are being a bit more upfront about what and how we do it now.

The web site and email addresses will change too, with being the most appropriate address to reach our sites and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as a sample email address you can reach us on. For a period of time however we will all still be reachable on the TCI website links and email addresses - you may just find our reply-to's will have been modified when you respond to one of our emails.

TCI Contracts & Agreements: Strategic Corrosion Management is a trading name of TCI Worldwide and is part of the TCI Group, therefore many of our current and future contracts will continue to be with TCI Worldwide - so there is no need to be concerned about documentation or commercial agreements already in place. Everything will work as it did before.