Strategic Corrosion Management and OES Oilfield Services announce strategic partnership.

Strategic Corrosion Management has joined forces with oilfield inspection company OES Oilfield Services Group in a global strategic partnership that is set to transform integrity and fabric maintenance management. The move sees SCM coming together with another of the industry’s most innovative solution providers to enhance safety, reduce risk and increase visibility of asset condition across hundreds of on-and-offshore assets in the oil and gas industry worldwide, whilst further broadening the offering of our ‘360integrity’ framework.

The 360integrity framework is a holistic, easily implemented and robust ‘Integrated Approach’ to integrity management, which combines SCM’s proven consultancy expertise and pioneering RISCm (Risk, Integrity & Strategic Corrosion Management) software to offer a complete corrosion, integrity and fabric maintenance management solution. RISCm is made up of a number of parts, deployed in a modular way bringing together all of the relevant information about a plant’s condition, regardless of its source. By visualising the plant data in a way not possible before, asset managers can draw from it normally unavailable intelligence about a plant’s condition, the physical risks present and the maintenance efficiencies available. 

OES Oilfield Services Group was founded in Dubai, UAE in 1996 and has grown into one of the world’s leading oilfield inspection companies, with regional offices in USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Singapore and Indonesia, as well a local presence in Angola, Australia, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and South Africa.

OES’s innovative Dropped Object management software DOPP (Dropped Objects Prevention Programme) is designed to make managing risk and safety on oil installations easier, by providing control and visibility to rig personnel and management so that they are aware of the status of their installation at any given time.
By deploying the DOPP system, operators can easily implement a tailored Dropped Object awareness programme, with a full inventory of all equipment located in specific rig-zones. The system is deployed along with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and step-by-step guidance to ensure that all inspection criteria and safety targets are met in full and on time.

It was recently announced that The Dropped Object Prevention Programme will receive one of the prestigious ‘Spotlight on New Technology’ awards at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to be held in Houston in May.

By integrating the RISCm & DOPP tool-sets, SCM and OES will help businesses enhance safety, increase asset lifespan, reduce costs and increase productivity.

In addition, oil and gas operators will have the confidence and peace of mind of regulatory compliance and the ability to easily demonstrate this with objective evidence of safety, risk and corrosion and integrity control. We believe that combining SCM’s heritage and client base within oil and gas production with OES’ expertise in global drilling operators, and integrating our respective ‘flagship’ solutions, is a natural progression, aligning both sectors and revolutionising integrity and fabric maintenance management.

Ian Cordingley, Managing Director of Strategic Corrosion Management said: “We’re delighted to announce this Strategic Partnership with OES, a globally established company, which we hope will further increase the global awareness of SCM. The OES Dropped Object solution is truly innovative – all platforms currently deploying the system are achieving excellent results. We see this as an area of increasing focus on the production side of the industry, which has some catching up to do in those respects.
“Similarly, on the drilling side, improved fabric maintenance management and compliance is a growing requirement. By integrating the DOPP capabilities within RISCm, currently installed on 140+ production facilities, our aim is to make these technologies more accessible and easier to implement to achieve the best possible results for our clients – increased safety, reduced risk and slashed maintenance costs.”

Enis Suleyman, Chief Operating Officer of OES Oilfield Services Group said: “OES are celebrating a prolific year, our 20th year anniversary and our recently announced OTC award for the Dropped Objects Prevention Programme. We can now add to this our strategic partnership with SCM. In the current climate and pressure from oil prices, reduced maintenance and prevention costs have become imperative globally. Having innovative, technological solutions applicable for the oil and gas industry is key. It is refreshing to work with an organisation that follows the same ethos as ourselves and integrate apparent synergies within the RISCm and DOPP solution.”

OES Oilfield Services Group