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A Client-Centred Approach

TCI was formed in the 1970’s to provide corrosion prevention consultancy services to onshore and offshore industry. Since that time our services have steadily expanded and today TCI Worldwide is seen as a world leader in all aspects of external corrosion, coatings and insulation management.

TCI Worldwide has successfully developed a range of tools, equipment and consumables tightly integrated with the needs of our clients, whilst providing the back-up and administrative support necessary to operate at maximum efficiency.

The Industrial Coatings, Insulation and Corrosion Prevention industry has long promoted outmoded and inefficient ideas and techniques. TCI worked for many years to show a better and more efficient route, eventually realising the only way to raise the goal of an industry is by developing a new and more competitive strategy. That is what TCI have done using the maxim:

Developed Through Experience

Perfected Through Time

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