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Latest - TCI Project Paint Deliveries:...

As of March 2008, TCI Project Paint is actively used to manage the following Assets.

UK & Northsea:-

Offshore: 63 Assets

Onshore: 3 Plant

The TCI Concepts of 'Cost Effective Fabric Management' are now being applied on more than 380 assets worldwide, and managing an estimated $675 million in budgets. (more)  



TCI Build Management Systems that SLASH the Costs of Fabric Maintenance!

68% Maintenance Cost Saving With TCI Project Paint

We help measure the effectiveness of plant maintenance, then develop products, services and management tools to cut maintenance costs and make better use of resources. The techniques we apply include:

Auditing the effectiveness of coating & insulation maintenance programme's.
Developing new tools and methods of managing maintenance work.
Installing the industries most advanced external corrosion management systems.

On and offsite quality checks, testing process' and materials, and analysing failures

Teaching painters how best to be safe and efficient at work or assessing how well they perform.
Transferring skills & knowledge to Engineers, Managers and Technicians.

Specialist markers to show pipe contents and its potential safety hazards
Inspection Plugs to allow simple and inexpensive inspection of insulated surfaces / substrates.

Cost Effective Fabric Maintenance Management

To review this TCI Concept click here.

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What makes us different?

We believe in outcomes rather than mere activity – ‘one size does not fit all’. We don’t rely on ‘standard’ or ‘canned’ responses we know each client is different, and what fits one may not work for others. Our core staff members are available to quickly support any of our varied client requirements.

TCI teach and transfer to client companies all of the technical skills we have developed, so you achieve autonomy in the fastest and most efficient manner. We don’t simply supply the services – but teach your personnel how to get the best return from them both now and in the future.

Service is paramount to TCI, we believe ours to be the best in the industry, bringing together a group of the most experienced and talented consultants, managers, technicians and academics sharing a clear set of business values. That is – achieve the lowest cost and best return on investment for our Clients.

Our experts encompass all fields of coatings and corrosion science and technology, and we offer access to some of the leading ‘thinkers and doers’ of the industry, without heavy fixed-costs. We work to keep current and past clients up-to-date with industry developments, helping them decide which might be most useful in their business.

Our Aim - to give our clients what they want, when they need it and with maximum choice!

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