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Insulation Inspection Ports (IIP)


To help monitor the hazards of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) on pipes and process pressure vessels, the TCI designed INSULATION INSPECTION PORT (IIP) is designed so that engineers can quickly inspect lagged and insulated facilities.

The TCI Insulation Inspection Port consists of a strong aluminium eyelet and ‘O’ ring seal which is permanently fitted into the metal cladding. A silicone rubber plug clips into the eyelet and provides rapid and easy access while ensuring a totally weather-proof seal.

In any well-planned fabric maintenance programme, TCI’s Insulation Inspection Ports will dramatically reduce your inspection time and cut your costs

To fit the ports - the operator first cuts the appropriate size circular hole in the metal cladding using a rotary saw. TCI supplies a hand-operated hydraulic tool which swages a 2.5 inch (63mm) eyelet in the hole in the cladding. The Silicone Rubber Plug can then be placed in the eyelet, sealing the Cladding.

When the silicone plug is removed you have rapid access for regular ultrasonic wall thickness and visual monitoring at precise repeatable locations. With the plug refitted you have high-integrity weather-proofed pipes or other insulated plant facilities.

TCI’s IIP ports are used by all sectors of UK offshore and onshore industry - and at numerous locations overseas. The silicone plugs can operate at high temperature to ensure a long in-service life.

The TCI I.I.P. Port enables your Inspection Department to monitor for the existence and severity of corrosion under insulation in a cost effective manner.

Should corrosion under insulation exist a prioritised risk base programme of refurbishment can be planned from a point of knowledge rather than presumptions.

Wall thickness checks can be carried out at repeatable 'key point' locations.

The cost effective solution to establish if Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) exists.

The Inspection port can be inserted into insulation cladding to provide a weatherproof "peephole" that can be employed to establish the presence or severity of corrosion under insulation and re-sealed at any time.

The I.I.P. Ports are simple to fit and can be fitted by your own staff. When the I.I.P. Port is correclty fitted the orange plug can be removed at will to inspect the substrate beneath.


The TCI I.I.P. Ports can be installed into most types of insulation cladding to provide a point for inspection of the insulated pipe or vessel yet still maintain the integrity of the insulation, vapour seal and cladding.

Inspection ports can be inserted into the insulation cladding as a repair procedure for small areas of cladding damage.

The benefits you get with TCI I.I.P.:

A cost effective method to spot check for corrosion under insulation.

An engineered solution to overcome much of the cladding removal and poor re-fitting normally associated with plant inspection needs.

Less time needed for wall thickness checks to be performed.


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