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Corrosion Prevention with Project Paint

It’s a tried and tested engineering tool to quantify, control and manage ‘Corrosion Prevention and Insulation’ workscopes within strict Financial & Legislative Constraints.

Reduce your maintenance expenditure over the life time of a plant by up to a Massive 85% !

For best corrosion protection and prevention, use Project Paint to:

Identify the current ACTUAL corrosion and coating status of your plant
Plan to achieve business objectives whilst maintaining necessary plant integrity.

Maintain only those surfaces which are essential to plant integrity or performance.
Budget to realise your plant integrity goals within corporate fiscal constraints.

Predict budget requirements for the life of the plant (1 to n years).
Minimise Personnel & Material Resource Requirements.

Minimise Safety Implications and therefore Costs.
Integrate mechanical/electrical and other workscopes and minimise Environmental Impact.

Control work completions.

Quantitative - view work completed against planned - instantly, at any time.
Qualitative - full traceability of work performance and standards achieved.
Create REAL flexibility in short and long term Fiscal Management.
And Much More…..

As the oldest independent company of our kind TCI has a long
track record for fabric management and Project Paint™ is the
only 'PROVEN' system for 'cost effective - external corrosion
management' available today.

Reducing corrosion protection & insulation costs is a concern of every Plant Engineer and Manager. Maintain your plant too early and you lose valuable life expectancy (15% of the original protection costs per year early), too late and the integrity loss could be a disaster in the making.

Management using Project Paint™
will minimise lifetime maintenance by between 5 and 85 %.
As the oldest independent company of our kind TCI has a long
track record for fabric management and Project Paint™ is the
only 'PROVEN' system for 'cost effective - external corrosion
management' available

TCI Project Paint™ was first deployed in 1987 and is still the only system 'extensively used' for corrosion protection both on and offshore. More than 270 assets have applied the TCI Project Paint™ concepts and our systems manage in excess of £240 million of budgets.

Clients deploying TCI Project Paint™ will always remain firmly in the driving seat, taking ownership of the plant condition and the financial drivers. Day-to-day responsibility can be passed to a contractor or they can manage the process themselves, but ultimately, the client is always in control.


Consider for a moment, that you had total knowledge of the current fabric condition of your plant. That you knew how fast each discrete area would degrade and that you could perfectly balance the 'most production' with the 'least expense'.

If your programme was the lowest cost for the most profit, what benefit would you and your company gain?

Balance the 'most production' with the 'least expense'.

Just contact TCI to discuss the role of TCI Project Paint™ in your organisation, and the many benefits it will bring.


‘Real-time’ control allows you to plan or modify a maintenance programme using the latest information. Even after unexpected changes in funding you can get back on target quickly and inexpensively. Almost any conceivable situation can be modeled in Project Paint with the built-in ‘What If’ tools, using your own actual data. For example; what are the benefits of product ‘a’ over ‘b’, a specialist over a more general contractor, or what if the plant coating-breakdown slows or accelerates? Analysing your own planned workscope avoids unpleasant surprises later.

Click here to view a model of TCI Project Paint™ Process Flow - from inception to annual review. Click here to see a screen shot of TCI Project Paint software.

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All those who have a responsibility for plant maintenance, including:

  • Plant Managers - maximise plant up-time.
  • Corrosion Engineers - assess potential for failure based on ‘actual’ current status.
  • Process Engineers - plan specific work around critical process periods.
  • Reliability Engineers - plan to achieve EXACTLY the desired plant life span.
  • Quality Engineers - what work was completed, when and to what standard.
  • Planners - get 5 to 20 year look-ahead on the manpower and resources required.
  • Estimators - real hours, real metres, completed or to do, all at the touch of a button.

...And Anyone Who Demands More Powerful Control Over Profits and Costs.

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