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Cost Effective Fabric Maintenance Management

The Heart of our Client-Centred approach is the 'TCI Concept' of Cost Effective Fabric Maintenance Management: minimising the costs of Painting and Insulation Maintenance. Our ultimate aim is to determine:

where can maintenance be safely

‘Reduced – Deferred – or Eliminated’


You could use our tools and techniques to:

Accurately Define Your Plant Condition

To gain maximum value from any maintenance work the degree of corrosion, coating degradation and insulation damage should be reflected in the philosophy and techniques you apply to your scopes.

Control The Workscope

Tight control of your maintenance workscope is essential to cost effectiveness. Recognising trends in plant condition and work completions allows precise targeting of expenditure, minimising waste.

Select The Right People, Techniques and Materials

Getting these elements right is the key issue in the life expectancy of your plant. TCI have all of the tools necessary to draw comparisons ‘one against another’ selecting the least expensive combination.

Maintain Traceability of Work Completed

Objective evidence of work completed, its quality and value is essential if you are to use historical data to fine tune and improve future performance. The TCI Concept uses ‘track record’.

Ensure Plant Integrity

The primary aim of plant maintenance is to prevent failures. The TCI Concept helps to define the risk of failure and manages the maintenance programme to maximise plant up-time.

Plan Cost Effectively

By maintaining only those surfaces ‘potentially at risk’ we can create that fine balance between the benefits of a plant in perfect condition and the cost advantages of minimal plant maintenance.

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