Course Name
Surface Preparation & Industrial Coatings Application
No Days
Open - Client Requirements (2 to 10 Days)
General Description
This training is primarily aimed at Engineers, Coating Reps and those who need to understand the fundamentals of Corrosion Prevention by Coatings and is more akin to a low level Painting Inspection Training. Delegates will gain a broad understanding of all topics related to the Practical and Theoretical aspects of the physical tasks involved in Surface Preparation and Coatings Application.
Key Points
  • Understanding of equipment necessary for Surface Preparation, its design, limitations, use and safety
  • Understanding of equipment necessary for Coatings Application, its design, limitations, use and safety
  • Understanding of Access Equipment including, Scaffold, Man Lifts, Rope Access and safety implications
  • Understanding the relationship between access equipment / surface preparation and application equipment, and work performance
  • Homogeneous design of a coating system maximising the benefits of the skills, equipment and access available
Certifications Available
Certificate of Completion
Open To
Target Audience
Coating Engineers, Inspectors & Coating Representatives