What Is Project Paint?

It’s a tried and tested engineering tool to quantify, control and manage ‘Corrosion Prevention and Insulation’ workscopes within strict Financial & Legislative Constraints.

 For best corrosion protection and prevention use Project Paint to:

  • Identify the current ACTUAL corrosion and coating status of your plant

  • Plan to achieve business objectives whilst maintaining necessary plant integrity.
    Maintain only those surfaces which are essential to plant integrity or performance.

  • Budget to realise your plant integrity goals within corporate fiscal constraints.
    Predict budget requirements for the life of the plant (1 to n years).

  • Minimise Personnel & Material Resource Requirements.
    Minimise Safety Implications and therefore Costs. Integrate mechanical/electrical and other workscopes and minimise Environmental Impact.

  • Control work completions.
    Quantitative - view work completed against planned - instantly, at any time. Qualitative - full traceability of work performance and standards achieved.

  • Create REAL flexibility in short and long term Financial Management.

Reap the Benefits of Our Successful Track Record ... And Much More … As the oldest independent company of our kind TCI has a long track record for fabric management and Project Paint™ is the only 'PROVEN' system for 'cost effective - external corrosion management' available today.