As the complete Integrity management solution,  360integrity is an integrated, modular system which offers an easily implemented and robust ‘holistic approach’ to integrity management, delivering 360° control over plant corrosion, maintenance and integrity. 360integrity links Component, Fabric Maintenance and Integrity into a single, unified and controllable tool-set, unlocking your potential to be corrosion-risk free.

 "360integrity delivers 100% visibility of plant corrosion condition, inspection and fabric maintenance requirements, as well as the ability to easily prioritise & sub-prioritise work loads."


360integrity is the only all-encompassing technology suite that ties corrosion control and Integrity management directly to Fabric Maintenance. By integrating these functions, operators are able to make far more intelligent maintenance decisions - enhancing safety, reducing risk and demonstrating Objective Evidence of corrosion control to regulatory authorities. All whilst saving as much as 85% on plant maintenance costs.

Modules can be deployed either individually, or in combination to meet plant-specific requirements - with full dashboard data analysis, budgeting, planning, work packing, QA/QC, advanced multimedia reporting and production time-writing available at any time. 

Achieve significantly reduced maintenance loads and minimised maintenance costs through Auto-Optimisation of work scopes and identification of shared resource opportunities as well as enhanced management of corrosion anomalies through the dedicated MCDR-based Anomaly Manager module.

Strategic Corrosion Management's pioneering external corrosion degradation-rate formula 'degRATE' facilitates a range of complex analyses such as Fabric Projections and Deferment Analysis. These tools allow operators to assess the 'actual' future condition of every component (and component part) and identify where maintenance can be safely deferred, reduced or even eliminated altogether.

360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population