• The MCDR-based Anomaly tracking module allows users to analyse, track and monitor corrosion anomalies more consistently and effectively than previously possible.
  • 360integrity™ hosts component records for pipes, vessels and structures, making it extremely quick & easy to link substrate anomalies to other related components or services within the system.
  • Store specific corrosion and integrity anomaly details, with the ability to attach existing, associated component, corrosion and fabric records.
  • Attach P&ID’s / Drawings / Schematics / Documents / X-Rays / Instrument recordings and Multi-Media files to all anomaly records. This allows rapid, transparent and real-time analysis.
  • Alert personnel to next actions (inspection due dates, mitigation techniques etc.).
  • With a simple ‘Open/Closed’ state option against each record we can manage anomalies in a significantly more efficient way to reduce risk, enhance safety and minimise costs.

360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population