• Pioneering method of auto-degradation analysis for individual components, and sub-component parts.
  • degRATE calculates rates of external corrosion degradation by applying a unique ‘factor and weighting’ for every impacting criterion, such as location, metallurgy and current coating specification etc.
  • This facilitates a range of complex analyses, not previously possible, such as:


Know the ‘actual’ future condition of each component part – how it will ‘look’ in 2, 5 or even 10+ years and when it will ‘actually’ need maintained.


Identify where it is more cost effective to 'safely' defer maintenance, and even eradicate maintenance altogether.


Determine where threats and hazards to the plant exist. Analyse all data held in 360integrity and demonstrate which items, areas and processes may be subject to specific threats.

360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population