The Fabric Manager is a Project Management tool specifically designed around the needs and requirements of Coating, Passive Fire Protection and Insulation maintenance works, though, unusually, its fully integrated with the Component and Corrosion condition to most accurately predict maintenance and fabric requirements. It is based upon some key drivers:

• Maintain only those surfaces where it is shown to be cost effective. Plan to ensure the best use is made of shared resources such as access equipment, personnel, plant and materials.

• Develop and apply techniques to arrest corrosion on areas of high criticality for sufficient period to allow cost effective maintenance of the local area.

• Consistently compare new and traditional techniques against current methods.

• Provide the Integrity Management team with sufficient and timely notification of potential threats identified by the Fabric Management Scheme.


Where new work-scopes are being planned, much of the optimisation of that scope can be done as an automated desktop exercise. The process makes considered suggestions for optimisation which may be accepted or overridden. Simple confirmation and ratification of the suggested changes can then be considered offshore before final planning is agreed.


In Order to make 360integrity fully functional there is a Project Management module. Here all work programming, scheduling and planning can be managed. Its fully integrated into the tool-set so can be used for Mechanical, Inspection or Maintenance activities. It's intuitive to use and in many instances is automatically populated from the relevant parts of the system. For many Clients this module will take the place of other project planning 'Gantt' tools, but is designed to share / export or import data from other systems too so can be the single point for planning operations.

There is also a process of approvals available for the authorisation of Job-Packs including aspects such as Grit Blast Certifications etc. Factors affecting all aspects of productive and indirect man-hour on a specific task or project are accounted for here. These include team make-up (i.e. does your grit blasting team comprise 2 men or 3 including compressor watch etc.).


Ability to record and track productivity and man-power deployment. This ties in directly with the Job Packing system. 


360integrity™ has developed a set of tools for Transits & Penetrations. Not only are these applicable to mature assets (where Transits are often in poor condition or not specifically monitored) but the system is also geared to offer advice on any newly fitted units or rehabilitation of aged units.

Many mature facilities are now recognising severe corrosion challenges in the areas of Flange Bolting and Pipe Saddle contact spaces. 360integrity™ has specific pages dedicated to managing these corrosion threats and offer timely maintenance advice.


The CUI Management Module is dedicated to defining and controlling threats emanating from insulated surfaces. One of the great challenges is in understanding where CUI may emanate. Each plant appears to have a different experience on how and where CUI may appear and where it’s less likely. 360integrity™ is designed to minimise this confusion, and with continuous application the system will learn where threats are more or less likely, based on plant specific criteria. The CUI Module can model almost any CUI threat taking account of substrate, process, insulation type, format, location and configuration.


All of the information in 360integrity would be useless were it not easily retrieved and presented in such a way that it can be readily understood and applied to your corrosion situation. 360integrity has a number of graphical displays which make complex data easy to understand and consume. An initial dashboard offers a range of important and useful information in one easily understood display, from where the user can select any of a range of customisable displays with 'drill-down' functionality to get directly to the most relevant information. Adding the sophisticated 'filtering' technologies in 360integrity, targeting any data is easy - so building personalised charts and output takes only seconds or minutes at most. 



360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population