How Do I Get 360integrity

The two most important steps are:

  • Contact us at SCM on one of our contact numbers, by email or using the enquiry page in this site. We'll be able to ask you the correct questions to guide you to the most sensible and cost effective decision on 360integrity. The size of your plant, the types of management systems already in place and the ultimate results you'd like to achieve will colour the choice of the flavour of 360integrity most appropriate for you.

  • Determine the level at which you'd like to begin the process of building your holistic Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite. For example is your target primarily the management of high-pressure process systems alone, or would these be followed by expansion accross all piping and structural elements of your plant? Alternatively is your preferred approach to develop / manage criticalities and Risk Based Inspection / Assessment protocols as quickly as possible, or is a more complete overview of your plant condition and corrosion status your most important information.


 These are the questions that need to be asked and answered to get the best value possible in your 360integrity investment.

If you'd like to discuss how the SCM tools have been deployed in other plants, similar to your own, please call us to arrange either an appointment when we can call to meet with you, or to present an on-line webinar to allow you to fully appreciate how 360integrity operates and how it looks in the flesh. In some instances we can arrange references from Engineers in a similar situation to your own where you can discuss familiar situations and discover how they have deployed SCM services to support their business objectives.

Your choice -  call, mail or enquire to start the process...

360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population