Auditing / Benchmarking

Is your Fabric and Corrosion Maintenance costing more than it should...?

No two plant or process facilities are identical and engineering styles vary, so in determining the level of cost effective control right for your plant, we need to learn a little about your strategies, resources and objectives. We can then offer an opportunity to ‘benchmark’ your Maintenance Scheme with those of other similar organisations.

Comparisons like this help to minimise trial & error, though more importantly, experience shows this type of assessment can offer maintenance cost reductions of 5% to 85% over the life-time of a plant.


An EFFECTIVENESS AUDIT is an Assessment, Review and Presentation package tailored to your own company needs. Over 1, 2 or 3 days an experienced SCM Consultant will document the significant aspects of your painting & insulation maintenance management. As part of your current 'external corrosion management philosophy’ we will consider the following areas of business;

Refurbishment and maintenance specifications.
Business objectives.
  Plant life-expectancy.
  Capital refurbishment programme.
  Planned Plant-Changes.
Past maintenance successes and failures.
Process type, environment and legislation
Financial and material resources.

All those with responsibility for the maintenance of plant, including:

Plant Managers - learn where you could increase plant up-time.
Corrosion Engineers - build a clearer picture of future corrosion.
Process Engineers - how are maintenance procedures affecting the process?
Reliability Engineers - how does the current philosophy affect long-term reliability?
Quality Engineers - are your quality objectives being achieved?

And anyone who wants more powerful control over Profits and Costs.

How is The Assessment Structured?
Our assessor will talk with your site and managerial staff, in addition to reviewing your documentation and written procedures. We aim to identify each step in your maintenance process, comparing the results you achieve to what you expected. The plant is walked to compare current condition to that anticipated from documentary / personnel interviews.

Finally, we benchmark your programme against many other organisations who have developed effective fabric management processes, and consider the potential benefits to your scheme.

What if - We Are Assessed?
Expect to recognise areas where minor changes in methods or philosophy will bring immediate and substantial benefits, as well as appreciating, possibly for the first time, your situation in comparison to other similar organisations. Many companies are saying that "a thorough understanding of where you are right now is the most useful information you can get".

How much could you reduce your Fabric Maintenance Costs By?


Securing These Benefits?
Just contact SCM for help in understanding the role of the Strategic Corrosion Management - EFFECTIVENESS AUDIT in your organisation, and to discuss the many benefits it could bring.

The EFFECTIVENESS AUDIT is offered on a RISK FREE basis with charges held at cost and refundable in their entirety against selected* SCM services or products.

We are always pleased to arrange a presentation of SCM products or services, and outline how they can complement your Painting & Insulation or Corrosion Management Programme.