ECMS LIFETIME (External Corrosion Management Solution) is a Total Service Package. SCM undertake to develop the RISCm(FM) system to the degree of choice (Low Cost, Pressure Systems, Full Plant etc) and build a turnkey package of external corrosion control and management. Further, over the lifetime of the plant SCM will undertake the following in order to deliver a continual and effective External Corrosion Management Solution targeted to your plant and business objectives:

• Initially (this happens only once in the lifetime of the process) develop your plant database, imbue it with the functionality of RISCm(FM). Never reinvent the wheel – If you have data already collected in your plant management scheme ECMS_L can apply it within RISCm(FM) through ‘two-way’ sharing of data.
• Integrate External Corrosion & Integrity Control tools into one, using RISCm(FM) built in functionality or data sharing with your current management or integrity tools.
• Demonstrate ‘Objective Evidence’ of sound corrosion control and management on your behalf – continuously reviewed to ensure your objectives are always met, short and long term with full QC / QA protection.
• Offer ‘easy decision making’ using RISCm built in Dash Boarding, analysis tools and what if’s, so you always have the opportunity to easily and quickly influence the profile of your maintenance programmes, budgets and strategies.

• Issue ‘Prioritised Scopes’ of maintenance work, fully justifiable and flexible, minimised, reduced or deferred where safe and efficient to do so, based on our expertise and your business objectives. Select contractors, develop and let contracts, specifications and strategies, and manage ALL aspects of the maintenance life cycle where required.
• Provide ‘easily applied’ packaged ‘plans’ and production information, fully supported with specifications, drawings, job packs, criticality analysis and all other necessary data, totally optimised for efficiency, strategy compliance and budget targets.

• Client use of RISCm software from any location – with full access and control where required – and its FREE for use within the ECMS LIFETIME programme.
• ‘On Tap’ External Corrosion Management Experts always available – to advise, review, rebuild or optimise plans.

What you should know:

Low Cost Start-up
Phased deployment of these technologies means even modest budgets can benefit quickly. Start with high criticality substrates and expand the systems over months or years .

Cradle to Grave
From installation to decommissioning  ECMS can offer the least cost model for maintenance and management of external corrosion.

Options all the way
Regardless of how your strategies and business targets develop ECMS is able to adapt and continually demonstrate the most effective solutions right up to the day the lights are switched off

At any point the further integration options in RISCm can be added. Start small, build big and get results from day 1

One Stop Shop
SCM offer all of these services + more in-house with more than 30 years  delivery experience.

No Lock-In
You can transfer to any other contractor, or supplier for your management at any time!