Failure Analysis

As a co-operative group of specialised corrosion consultants who provide professional advice and technical support to a wide range of clients, together we offer a complete and robust corrosion support and management package worldwide.

The partners and associate consultants are acknowledged leaders in corrosion control management and this expertise is complemented, where required, by highly qualified specialists from other fields. Our clients include the oil, gas and petrochemical industries - shipbuilders - marine operators - fabrication yards - power generators - river and water authorities - manufacturing companies - rail operators - councils and government bodies - and the legal and insurance professions.

One of our key strengths is our ability to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing and technically demanding market. This professional flexibility is a cornerstone of our overall capability.

While our associate-core-business is primarily targeted at corrosion prevention and rectification, the consultancy also has access to prestigious Research and Development facilities.
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Condition Monitoring Consultancy
  • Corrosion and Chemical Degradation Consultancy
  • Education and Training
  • Corrosion / Coatings Failure Analysis
  • Materials Selection and Specification
  • Overseas Representation
  • Paint and Coating Technology
  • Project Management

Some of these very specialist services include:


This is a valuable support service to the legal and insurance professions, assisting in arbitration and in disputes. We also prepare specialist-reports for litigation.

Technical support is backed by experimentation and investigation across a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines and our consultants act as expert witnesses in court where required. We are able to offer expert opinion in matters of arbitration.



Plant integrity is a constant worry and especially so if operating conditions depart from the initial design criteria. Condition monitoring offers the operator an opportunity to assess just what is happening. If you suspect you have a problem - you have a problem. Talk with SCM now for more information on this service.



There is one certainty in life - all materials used in a plant will degrade. The key question is 'How much can it degrade before it's too much?' Our specialists can tell you 'How Much' - and if things have gone too far - they can typically advise a cost-effective recovery solution.



We can offer the following bespoke training courses; Introduction to Paint Technology, Principals and Practice of Corrosion, Corrosion Awareness, Oilfield Corrosion, Marine Coating Inspection and Surveys, Coating Failures Prevention and their Rectification, Corrosion Control. Please see the Training Page elsewhere in this website for further details.



The analysis of system failures, where corrosion is the ultimate result, is a staple for our Consultants. Failures in Corrosion Protection Coatings, Cathodic or other Corrosion Control mechanisms, High Temperature, Metallurgy, Microbial and Electro Chemistry and ALL other aspects of corrosion can be analysed.



Our staff are experienced in these fields and are available to undertake materials selection and specification projects at short notice. This ensures compliance with original specifications and gives assurance on performance and quality. A typical programme would span materials selection and specifications, performance ratings, competitive systems and costings, cathodic protection criteria, and general advice on surface preparation and protection techniques.


SCM and our Associates are represented around the world having undertaken projects in Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Egypt, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia/Sarawak, State of Qatar, Singapore, Sultanate of Oman, Pakistan, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.


We have considerable experience in the investigation of paint and corrosion protective coatings failures on a variety of structures, including bridges, offshore facilities, refineries, gas process plant, chemical production facilities, ships, storage tanks, breweries, distilleries and pipelines. Such investigations have often resulted in major litigation claims. Once the cause of the failure has been ascertained, our consultants can advise on and evaluate coating systems for repair purposes. Our consultants are experienced in recommending coating systems for new projects and can provide a full package which includes system recommendations, painting specifications and quality control procedures necessary to maximise the life of the coating. Overall, paint coating failures and associated problems, coupled with the remedial recommendations, form a major part of our expertise and experience.



The consultancy offers a comprehensive project management service - and a tailored professional training facility to many sectors of industry. We can supplement the client's internal project management capability, or provide a total turn-key package encompassing quality assured design and supply, contract supervision, and quality control criteria to international standards. All of our consultants are experienced lecturers and they head-up technical seminars, deliver in-plant courses, and run internationally accredited formal corrosion control courses which can also be designed to a client's specific requirement.