RISCm (Risk, Integrity & Strategic Corrosion Management), an in-house development at SCM over recent years, was born from the first ever Fabric Maintenance Management tool-set 'Project Paint', originally deployed back in the mid 1980's. RISCm now provides the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from which SCM's Holistic Corrosion, Maintenance and Integrity Technology Suite 360integrity is deployed.

As the central data-processing 'Hub', RISCm provides an easily implemented and robust platform, integrating component, corrosion and fabric maintenance into a single, controllable management tool-set. By bringing together all of the information already available about plant condition, regardless of its source, and integrating it in a way not possible before, asset managers can draw from its remarkable and normally unavailable intelligence about:

  • Corrosion and maintenance strategies
  • External and Internal corrosion
  • Safety case protocols
  • Financial, safety and environmental constraints
  • Plant life expectancy and process expectations

It also brings together disparate data about surface condition, metallurgy, CUI potential and future maintenance plans, inspection data, corrosion trends or any combination of these and other corrosion factors. In doing all of this RISCm delivers objective evidence of corrosion control to regulatory authorities, supporting clients in the compliance process and providing valuable reassurance and peace of mind. RISCm software can be used at all levels and departments of your company to manage Integrity & Fabric Maintenance and, by opting for a subscription-based package, clients are able to achieve a tailored solution specific to their own requirements.