Why Project Paint?

Reducing corrosion protection & insulation costs is a concern of every Plant Engineer and Manager. Maintain your plant too early and you lose valuable life expectancy (15% of the original protection costs per year early), too late and the integrity loss could be a disaster in the making.

Management using Project Paint™ will minimise lifetime maintenance by between 5 and 85 %. As the oldest independent company of our kind SCM has a long track record for fabric management and Project Paint™ is the only 'PROVEN' system for 'cost effective - external corrosion management' available today.


Project Paint™ was first deployed in 1987 and is still the only system 'extensively used' for corrosion protection both on and offshore. More than 300 assets have applied the Project Paint™ concepts and our system has managed in excess of £640 million of budgets.

Clients deploying Project Paint™ will always remain firmly in the driving seat, taking ownership of the plant condition and the financial drivers. Day-to-day responsibility can be passed to a contractor or they can manage the process themselves, but ultimately, the client is always in